O. I. Art in a fracture
Fabiano Lioi


O.I. Art in a Fracture by Fabiano Lioi is not just a book. It’s a collection of facts. It’s an unfinished story: the story of a disease, Osteogenesis Imperfecta. It’s a visual journey: a path paved with unusual works, the x-rays. It’s an art catalog: the collection of an exhibition that has never been realized before, but planned in detail. O.I. Art in a Fracture is all of this and much more: because everyone can find a personal meaning in these pages, in these works, in this story. Because understanding a disease through art means giving yourself the possibility to change perspective. To be free to subvert common sense. And to discover happiness. And to feel free to be happy. O.I. Art in a Fracture encompasses all of this and much more: because every reader can find a personalized interpretation within these pages, these pieces, and this narrative.




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